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Robert M., Bankruptcy and Debt Attorney

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“I endorse this lawyer. Roger is a smart lawyer and cares about his clients and their needs. I recommend him unequivocally.”Michele B., Intellectual Property Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. He’s smart, highly skilled and great with people.”
Joseph M., Car accident Attorney

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Alec B., Estate Planning Attorney

“I met Roger at at a legal retreat in New York City. Roger has tremendous experience in estate planning and has the demeanor and personality to instantly put you at ease. From our discussions, it is also obvious that he cares greatly about his clients and the practice of law.”
Philip I., Litigation Attorney

“I endorse attorney Roger Jon Yehl due his extensive experience and track record. He is also a well-respected member in the legal industry.”
Adrian J., Business Attorney

“Ron is a hardworking and knowledgeable attorney. I unequivocally endorse him.”
Keith S., Real Estate Attorney

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Thomas M., Divorce and Separation Attorney

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Ronald P., Car Accident Attorney

“I have had the pleasure of meeting Roger and learning about his practice this past year as a fellow lawyer in the estate planning community. He has an incredible attention to detail and goes above and beyond expectations to ensure his clients’ plans work.”
Joseph F., Estate Planning Attorney

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Thomas Egner, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney

“Top-notch attorney. Highly respected in the legal community.”
Christian L., Life Insurance Attorney

“Roger knows his stuff when it comes to Bankruptcy. That is the only area of law he practices!”
Michael P., Speeding and Traffic Ticket Attorney

“I strongly endorse and recommend attorney Roger Yehl to assist you in your bankruptcy and or debt resolution legal issues. Having worked with Mr. Yehl, I have seen first hand the quality legal representation that he provides the client. I was impressed at how attorney Yehl is always available to answer client concerns and communicates complex legal issues in plain easy to understand language. My experience is that attorney Roger Yehl is extremely knowledgeable, thorough, and diligent in his representation of his clients. Attorney Yehl honors his clients with understanding and respect, and helps them get thru a difficult chapter in their lives and begin anew..”
Christopher M., Personal Injury Attorney

“I have known Roger for 15 years and highly endorse his capabilities and knowledge of Bankruptcy law.”
Harun K., Immigration Attorney