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Our practice focuses on providing exceptional Bankruptcy Services for our Clients!

Many people shudder at the thought of filing for bankruptcy and attempt alternative options. However, bankruptcy is typically the best and cleanest option available. We are here to review each client’s financial circumstances and help guide them with appropriate recommendations on bankruptcy and bankruptcy alternatives. As such, a free professional evaluation from Roger Yehl is the best starting point when suffering from debt and/or creditor harassment.

Who Are Our Clients?

Our clients are individuals and families who are suffering from financial distress. More specifically, our clients are having trouble paying their bills, facing foreclosure, receiving harassing calls, or simply need to restructure their finances. We use quality representation to assist our bankruptcy clients in New Jersey and New York and we do so with compassion.

Prior to filing for bankruptcy, an individual should find the right attorney and gather all of the necessary documents, including at least six months of paystubs, tax returns for the preceding two or three years, evidence of any real estate they own and the value of that real estate, proof of identity, their driver’s license, and their social security card.

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About Roger Yehl Bankruptcy Attorney

Roger Yehl is the founder and managing attorney at the Law Offices of Roger J. Yehl. Roger founded his firm in 2004 while also working as staff attorney to a trustee in bankruptcy. In this capacity, Roger processed thousands upon thousands of bankruptcies. It is exactly that experience in bankruptcy that has prepared Roger to be an exceptional debtor’s bankruptcy attorney. He brings a unique blend of perspective and knowledge having worked on bankruptcy matters from the position of the Trustee.

Roger is an attorney who has been admitted to practice law for over 15 years. Further, prior to opening his law practice, Roger acted as a staff attorney for a Bankruptcy Trustee in New Jersey. In this position, Roger gained invaluable experience as he handled thousands of Bankruptcy cases. We evaluate each case for Bankruptcy and also provide alternative solutions when Bankruptcy is not the best option!